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Director Pekka Hara

Here's what PR people wrote about me:


Pekka is of Finnish origin but he lives in a place of fantasy, artistry and imagination. His films are cinematic gems that often defy expectation. His aesthetic choices are a visual delight and his storytelling is rich in depth, mystery and intrigue. A storyteller at heart with a collaborative spirit and a rich cinematic vernacular to draw on. 


In 2006 acclaimed Creativity magazine selected Hara for their “Directors To Watch” feature, which showcased the 20 most interesting & up-coming directors around the world. He has received over 100 awards and nominations for his work all over the world in award shows like Cannes Lions, D&AD Awards, New York Festivals, Epica Awards and so on.


Hara has been represented for commercial work by the world's top production companies such as Stink London, Furlined and Ridley Scott Associates (US). His commercial work includes projects for such brands as Ikea, Philips, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Nokia, Tao Bao, Canadian Tire, University of Phoenix, Sprite and Disney to name a few.


He is currently developing on his first feature film in US and tv-series in Europe.


In my own words:


I've directed commercials and music videos for almost 20 years. I’ve shot in every continent, expect in Antarctica - my experience ranges from shooting in freezing conditions way above the Arctic Circle to the hottest days of a year in South Africa. And everything in between.


I’ve directed huge and small sets - big budgets to no budgets. From shooting with an Oscar-winning DOP and over 500 extras on location in LA to dirty backstreets of Hong Kong with literally no crew at all - just me and a talent. And everything in between.


I’ve directed actors, celebrities, artists, amateurs and people from streets - from babies to grandparents. I’ve directed animals - from wolves to horses. I’ve directed jobs that require extremely heavy post-production or just holding a camera. And yes... pretty much everything in between.


What else? I have long hair.

Production company: RSA Films (LA) / Ridley Scott Creative Group

RSA Films is one of the world's leading commercial production companies. Founded by Ridley and Tony Scott more than 50 years ago, RSA continues their mission to innovate across commercials, film, television, branded entertainment, VR, short films, experiential, documentaries, music videos, design, animation, and photography.

RSA has a diverse roster of over 70 directors, including Ava DuVernay, Sam Mendes, Paul Feig and Jake Scott. RSA and the Ridley Scott Creative Group have received numerous Cannes Lions, EMMY, Oscars, BAFTA, AICP, CLIO, MTV and MVPA Awards since its inception.

With offices in Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, the RSA Films group pushes the boundaries of excellence in production.


“We’re picking up lots of work in emerging markets because we’re perceived as reliable. But we’re also creative and we deliver. We try to preserve a smaller shop-culture and outlook as if this is our last, our only job. For us, good is always in the details.” – Ridley Scott

Notable clients include Adidas, Agent Provocateur, Alexander McQueen, Apple, BMW, Budweiser, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Chloe, Converse, Dior, Elle, Ford, Guinness, Heineken, Instagram, Jaguar, Johnnie Walker, Lexus, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes, Nike, Phillips, Red Bull, Reebok, Samsung, Sony, and Stella McCartney.


“We are in a new golden age of entertainment. The world’s greatest brands, platforms, agencies, and studios are investing hugely in entertainment. We have brought our talent, capabilities, and creative resources together under the Ridley Scott Creative Group to enable us to maximize the creative opportunities we now see unfolding.” – Ridley Scott

Creative director: Sezay Altinok / Jeff  Weiss 

Sezay's short bio

Sezay Altinok is a Los Angeles-based multi-disciplinary creative leader collaborating with global brands including Nike, Apple, MasterClass, and Twitter. He also works with many advertising agencies such as W+K, Mother, MAL, 72andSunny, Fallon, BBH, RGA, to name a few.

Prior to that Sezay spent 15 years across Wieden+Kennedy’s offices, mostly working on all things Nike. He holds a BA degree in Graphic Design from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul.

Sezay’s work had been internationally acclaimed by all major award shows and publications. In his spare time you might find him baking bread, playing with his son and daydreaming with his filmmaker wife.

Sezay's work and more info:

Jeff's short bio 

Jeff Weiss is the founder and creative director of the prestigious Opperman and

Weiss. Clients include American Airlines, American Express, Microsoft, Nestle, Nike,

Sirius XM, Tullamore Dew and Verizon Wireless


Jeff Weiss started his career as a Graphic Designer in LA, doing album covers and



Weiss had been the top creative of McCann’s world creative group in

New York and before that, ran its Amster Yard division. When the latter was

dissolved, he rejoined McCann.

Nowadays Jeff works as a freelancer - click to see his work:

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